Your personal weather cards in the Dock, on your wrist.

Beautiful illustrations for current weather conditions, hourly and daily forecasts with details, multiple locations, widgets, multiple complications and watch faces.

For Mac

Forecasts in the Dock.

Introducing Weather mini, the missing weather app in the Dock.

Live Weather in the Dock
When you launch Weather mini, the app icon in the dock will show the same beautiful weather illustrations like the main window, no matter the main window is opened or closed.
Widgets for Big Sur
If you were already using the new OS, with Weather mini for Mac version 1.4, you will find our all new designed widgets in the notification center.
Forecasts & Details
Weather mini supports three kinds of details: current, hourly and daily. The current section list all of the current weather condition summaries like humidity, wind description, etc. The hourly and daily sections show upcoming weather changes in different styles, for example, UV Index will show you the highest UV Index value and its appear time.
Beautiful Weather Illustrations
You can see beautifully crafted weather illustrations in the main window, with the current location and temperature in large fonts. The illustration and information are updating itself automatically, so you always get a general idea about the weather conditions in your location.
Menu Bar Mode
Weather mini can run just in the menu bar. You can bring up the same window by clicking the menu bar icon in any workspace without the Dock.
Multiple Locations
In the preferences panel, you will find a new section for locations, you can search for any city or address inside the search box, the locations you've added recently will be in context menu as well, you can switch at any time with just right click on the dock icon or the app window.
Lightweight Design
We think a good utility app should be fast and lightweight, we always keep this in mind when creating new apps. Weather mini costs very few system resources to run, you can control the background refresh rate to fit your needs too.

For Apple Watch

Weather Cards and Watch Faces

A lovely weather utility app made just for the watch, no companion app required.

Multiple Complications & Watch Faces
Weather mini has some built-in watch faces for you, each of them contains a special combination of complications.
Your Personal Weather Cards
You can customize your favorite weather cards combination with simple taps or drag and drop, the watch app is fully customizable, you can have as many cards as you want, in any order you like.
Forecasts & Details
From apparent temperature to uv index, the watch app has all the informations as the Mac version. It is a mini yet powerful weather app just on your wrist.
Multiple Locations
Just like the Mac version, you can search for any location in settings then easily switch to them.

Watch Face Gallery

Choose your favorite one.

We've prepared a variety of watch faces, you can download and install it right from your watch. Visit our watch face gallery for more.

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